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2 headers, 1 friends only banner, 2 Sixteen Candles, 2 ashlee, 1 ryan cabrera, and 2 lyric icons

i couldnt sleep last nite, so up to 3am i was up making stuff lol.

remember to comment, credit, and upload onto your own server :)

-jess the mess

Brad Pitt header:

Ashlee header:

Paris friends only banner:

Ashlee icons:

1. 2.

Ryan Cabrera icon:


Sixteen Candles icons:

1. 2.

Lyric icons:

1. 2.

note: the lyrics used on both lyric icons are from Fiona Apple. The 1st icon has a line from 'Love Ridden' amd the 2nd icons line is from 'Limp'. Also, for the Sixteen Candles icons i used lyircs from 'Love Ridden', too. can ya tell im a fiona fan? :] and once again the brushes and borders used on the lyric icons are from teh_indy .


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