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Hi everyone,

From now on all post will be made public.  For some of you, even when you have joined, the friends only posts don't show up for you, so to save us all the trouble of trying to figure out why the hell that is, I'll just make the community public.

I only ask for a few things:

  • You must join the community before you take any of my graphics. It'll be hard to keep track of who's taking my graphics, but if you just join before you take anything you'll be helping me out a lot.
  • Please let me know when you are taking something by leaving me a comment in the post of the graphic(s) you are taking.

All the other rules still apply, of course. For all the exsisting members, you guys dont have to worry about joining again or anything. Just keep doing what youre doing :]

Thank you so much, you guys, for putting up with this.

-jess the mess

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